The National:

A COMEDIAN’S hilarious impersonation of a Scottish newsreader has gone viral on social media.

Zara Gladman, known for her parody videos, posted her latest video on Twitter/X on Tuesday night with the caption: “POV: Your flatmate is a Scottish news reporter.”

The video shows the comedian walking around a flat reading lines in the voice of a stereotypical Scottish news reporter.

Some of the best lines include: “It’s your turn to take the bin out. It’s beginning to smell” and “we got a rebate on our council tax”.

@zaragladman #scottishcomedy #glasgow #newsreporter #scottishnews #glasgowcomedy ♬ original sound - Zara Gladman

The video got quite the reaction on social media with a number of people commenting, including several journalists.

One person commented: “Snorted tea right out of my nose laughing at this one” while another said it was “terrific” and asked for an impersonation of a “sports reporter next”.

The National’s own columnist Shona Craven meanwhile said: “I can’t stop watching this”.

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In a separate post after the video went viral, Gladman commented: “Seriously though, why do they do that voice? Who started it? We need answers.”

Another said the comedian’s impersonation was “perfect” while a fifth said that it was “scarily accurate”.

STV's John MacKay meanwhile said: "Need to work on saying your own name with bombast. Otherwise, nailed it."