A SCOTTISH bakery firm has gone bust, leaving the business with a six-figure debt trail.

Brawsome Bagels entered financial trouble earlier this year, leading to the closure of its takeaway in Glasgow’s west end.

Owner Ian Brooke blamed rising costs, technical issues and change in consumer spending.

It isn’t clear how many jobs were affected by the closure.

But Brooke's firm, Southside Bagels, now has huge debts and owes money to a range of investors, banks and the HMRC.

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Documents seen by The Daily Record show that Southside Bagels went into liquidation in May with debts of £177,113.

The bakery currently operates under a different company, BBHQ Ltd, and is still open to customers.

Southside Bagels' assets are currently being assessed by insolvency experts Begbies Traynor to see how much money can be recovered.

Brooke said: "I’m devastated that my business have not worked out as I have worked hard seven days a week solid since opening.

“I know some investors lost considerable amounts of money as have my family and I.

“Since Covid, trading has been especially tough and the energy and cost of living crisis really tipped things over the edge.

“I have no connection with Bross Bagels personally or professionally. I worked there as head baker for six months before I was made redundant when the Covid pandemic hit.

“Jenna was let go for the good of my business and team as it was a small business and needed people we can rely on. “