A SCOTS family were left stranded in Turkey after being kicked off a Jet2 flight.

The family were escorted off the plane and marched out of Dalaman Airport over an allergic reaction, mother Alyson Forsyth told The Daily Record – adding that they were “treated like criminals”.

The mum-of-four was administering her daughter Halle antibiotics after a stray cat rubbed against her legs earlier that day. But then they were approached and told they wouldn’t be able to fly.

Forsyth said: "We were treated like criminals because my daughter had an allergic reaction to a stupid cat and was given antibiotics for a rash. I explained that we had been staying at Jet2’s Julian Forest resort when it happened.

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"The next minute the stewardess came back and said my daughter couldn’t fly because she had been in a forest and a cat attacked her. I tried explaining that there was a mistake and that was the name of the resort but they told us we had to get off.

"They said we’d be taken care of and that Jet2 would put us in a hotel near the airport until we got a fit to fly certificate for Halle. But after we got our bags back, I asked the rep what was happening next and they said ‘it’s not our problem’.

"They said we had to contact our insurance company. The police then came over and they were standing around us with their guns. It was incredibly intimidating.

"The kids were crying because they thought their dad was going to get shot. We were marched outside the airport and dumped on a bench. We were there for about two hours trying to get hold of our insurance company but there was a problem with the phone lines.

"We tried calling Jet2 but they said there was nothing they could do and hung up on us. Luckily a taxi driver helped us and found us somewhere to stay. A rep was meant to come see us on Wednesday but no one arrived. Two finally showed up on Thursday."

The family initially had to pay for their own hotel before Jet2 finally moved them into a new one on Thursday night before receiving medical clearance.

Forsyth added: "The way we have been treated is absolutely appalling. I would hate for it to happen to any other family."

A spokesperson said: “After liaising with independent medical aviation specialists, our crew took this decision as the health, well-being and safety of our customers will always be our first priority, and we stand by their decision.