UEFA have been called on to release audio recordings between match officials after a hugely controversial decision saw Scotland disallowed a potentially game-changing goal in their Euro qualifier against Spain.

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party pointed to a precedent set by the referee body PGMOL after similar controversy saw a Liverpool goal incorrectly disallowed in a Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur earlier in the month.

There, PGMOL released full audio from the VAR team in order to show people how to incorrect decision had been made.

Alba said that UEFA should do the same after Scott McTominay’s free kick, which would have given Scotland a 1-0 lead, was disallowed.

Confusion reigned as referees said the goal was disallowed because of a foul by Jack Hendry on Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon, before later pivoting to say that it was because Hendry had been offside.

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Chris McEleny, the Alba Party’s general secretary, said: “This was a match of huge importance to hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland. For the game to have been settled in this manner leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many in Scotland.

“In the interest of transparency, UEFA should release the conversations between the officials to reassure football fans across Scotland, and Europe, that there was nothing untoward going on.

“If a mistake has been made, it is right for UEFA and the match officials to own up to it and reassure fans that a similar mistake won’t be made again.

"In all my years travelling to watch Scotland home and away, this looks to have been the worst refereeing decision I have ever witnessed. Nonetheless, Steve Clarke and his team put in yet another performance that all of Scotland can be proud of.”

Scotland needed one point to secure qualification to the Euros. But two late goals from Spain saw them leave defeated.

Scotland are still top of their qualifying group, and will make the finals of Euro 2024 if they draw or win in their penultimate game against Georgia next month.

Spain face Norway in Oslo on Sunday and if the Norwegians drop points, Scotland’s place in the competition will also be secured.

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Scotland coach Steve Clarke said of the referee controversy: “The big moment in the game is probably the close decision on the Scott McTominay goal.

“At the time we think it is a goal. You know when the referee gets told to look at it he is probably going to chalk it off. They have made the call, there is no point me going on about it.

“I think there was a little bit confusion at the time, whether it was offside or for a foul on the keeper.

“If you take those two together, Jack Hendry was marginally offside and when he steps towards the goalkeeper they have interpreted that as Jack being involved in the play – but I will tell you now there is now way in the world the keeper was saving that no matter where Jack Hendry was.

“You just move on, it is a VAR decision that goes against you.”