THE regeneration of the historic Govan Graving Docks, which could see a new bridge built to the science centre, is set to move forward.

Councillors will be asked to accept £200,000 Sustrans funding towards creating an ‘active travel’ path through the historic site next week.

It comes on top of £2.4 million public cash going towards restoring the site as well as carrying out “environmental improvements” at the landmark among other improvements.

Ships were once repaired and painted at the historic A-listed Graving docks but the plot has been derelict for the last 40 years.

Proposals could see heritage boats repaired there again.

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Developers have plans to build housing along the southern boundary of the site but no public cash will be used for that, according to the council.

New City Vision has outlined housing proposals for the site and a proposal of application notice has been submitted to the council for the new homes.

Explaining more about the possibilities for the land not zoned for housing, a council paper said: “Areas of the site not identified for residential development will be used for the delivery of ‘public goods’. Emerging proposals include the formation of new greenspace areas, the restoration of the historic dockyard public realm, the reactivation of Dock 1 for the repair of heritage vessels, and the construction of new routes through the site.”

The council paper due to go in front of councillors sitting on the city administration committee next week said parts of the Graving Docks not being developed for homes are  to be transferred to community ownership.

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A council paper said: “The Graving Docks act as a barrier to the development of a coherent active travel network along the south bank of the river. The council has been offered up to £200,000 of funding from the Sustrans ‘Places for Everyone’ programme to develop concept designs for an active travel route through the site including a new bridge link to Pacific Quay. ”

The paper also explained more about the larger £2.4 million cash allocation going towards the project.

It said: “In February 2023 the council was awarded £2,368,794 from the Scottish Government Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme (VDLIP). Funding will be used to meet design fees and capital costs of an initial phase of Improvement works.”