The National:

THERE are plenty things the average person would rather didn’t come across their radar when it comes to the Tory conference.

For plenty, it’s probably best to keep your head down and do your best to hear as little about it all as possible.

Whether it’s Jeremy Hunt bizarrely trying to impose the Union Jack on Barbie, confusion on top of confusion about HS2 or Liz Truss simply just putting her ideas out there, there’s so much to try and avoid.

There’s some things that, no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t get out of your head once you’ve seen them.

One such item currently doing the rounds on social media shows Priti Patel and Nigel Farage dancing and singing along to the Frankie Valli classic Can’t Take My Eyes off You.

Of course, there’s nothing more The Jouker would rather take his eyes off than this footage, given how painful it is to watch.

And we’re not alone with that reaction. Plenty have taken to Twitter/X to share their reactions with one person simply commenting: “When it comes to summing up what’s going on at the Conservative Party conference, phone footage of Priti Patel and Nigel Farage dancing and singing along to ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ could hardly be more on point.”

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Others seemed to have a stronger reaction with one person saying they had “just vommed” while another person thinking along similar lines said: “I’ve just thrown up my breakfast.”

Some users were able to see the funny side however, with one user asking: “PM not present, I presume?” and another adding: “Can’t take my eyes off EU.”

“That used to be one of my fav songs," wrote one disappointed commentator.

We can only hope that these small moments are all Patel and Farage will contribute together to politics for the forseeable future. 

And hopefully we’ll all be taking our eyes off this current Tory government soon enough ...