DOUGLAS Ross dubbed Humza Yousaf’s independence plan as “rash and irresponsible” and claimed the First Minister is more “reckless” than Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking at a fringe event at the Tory party conference in Manchester, the Scottish Tory party leader said that Yousaf’s relationship with the Scottish Greens was proof of the “danger” he poses to Scotland.

On Sunday, Ross claimed that the FM’s independence strategy, which would see the SNP begin negotiations with Westminster if the party wins the most seats at the next General Election, would have been “too far” for his predecessor Sturgeon.

After the Supreme Court ruling that the Scottish Parliament did not have the legislative competence to hold its own referendum, Sturgeon put her weight behind a defacto referendum plan, which would have required Yes parties to win 50% +1 of the vote share.

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An amendment to Yousaf’s motion at the upcoming SNP conference in October, by veteran MP Pete Wishart, seeks to change the wording of the FM’s motion to vote share rather than seats.

In Manchester, Ross offered his verdict of the SNP leader’s independence strategy, where he took a number of digs at the ruling party in Scotland.

The Scottish Tory party leader admitted that the SNP still “threaten to win a majority of seats” at the next General Election.

“We call him useless – but actually he’s reckless,” Ross said of the FM (below).

The National:

“He's certainly more reckless than Nicola Sturgeon.

“On independence, he is more rash, irresponsible and hasty than even Nicola Sturgeon at her worst.

“He has said it himself – in next year’s General Election – even if he loses a bunch of his MPs but manages to squeak a majority by a single seat, no matter his share of the vote, he will declare independence.

“Even Nicola Sturgeon would have dismissed that plan as too far.

“Nicola Sturgeon was cautious, but Humza is reckless.

“He has the arrogance to try and split up Scotland. With a smarmy grin and misplaced bravado, he'll think he can do it.”

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On the SNP-Green Bute House Agreement, Ross said that Yousaf backed the deal so much that he “suspended a member of his own party” to defend the junior Government members, in a nod to Fergus Ewing.

“No party standing up for the majority of Scots would put Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater into government,” Ross said.

“Yet the SNP are so obsessed with independence that they are willing to ignore all of their extreme policies and failures in office.

“That’s why Humza Yousaf is a danger to Scotland.”

The National:

Ross then went on to criticise Yousaf’s record as health secretary, justice secretary and transport minister, before claiming “the only thing he’s really capable of is damage”.

“He could drive Scotland to disaster if we're not careful,” Ross said.

“Humza Yousaf has rebranded the SNP as a bigger version of the extremist Greens.”

The Scottish Tory leader claimed that under Yousaf the SNP, on independence, are “willing to go further, act more erratically, do more damage.”

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He then made his pitch to the fringe event that it was crucial for the Tories to “stop him” by defeating the SNP in a number of seats at the next General Election.

During a brief speech on the main stage, Ross said that the SNP are "just as dangerous to the future of our country as they have ever been".

He told delegates that the Tories can "deal a fatal blow to the campaign for independence" by stopping the SNP from winning a number of seats.