THE host of BBC’s debate night was forced to shush a Tory MSP as she continually tried to speak over an SNP MP.

During an appearance on the debate show, Rachael Hamilton was discussing a drop in life expectancy figures and that these issues had arisen “before the pandemic”.

Host Stephen Jardine suggested that the lower figures could also be down to Brexit although Hamilton (below) disputed this.

She added: “We know that around only 73% of people suspected of having a cancer diagnosis cannot get access to treatment.

The National:

“And the SNP government want 95% of those people to get access to quick diagnosis within around 62 days.”

Jardine once again added that Brexit should be considered as a factor although Hamilton refused to be drawn on the topic.

She added: “I went to the NHS review meeting last week and it was unbelievable the fact that what the NHS is in the Borders General Hospital is trying to do is look at ways of using innovation, of using international recruitment.

“But of course it just happens that the SNP government are not funding the NHS properly.”

SNP MP Dave Doogan was also appearing on the programme and he interjected at this stage to tell Hamilton what she was saying was “not true”.

As she tried to speak over Doogan, Jardine intervened and said: “Hang on a second. Rachael you’ve made your point.”

He then added “hang on” once again before being forced to shush the MSP to allow Doogan to speak.

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The SNP MP said: “NHS funding in Scotland per capita is the highest of any part of the UK. Nurses and midwives per capita are higher than anywhere else in the UK.

“That doesn’t mean our services are perfect. They’re not. We all know they’re not. But the NHS in Scotland, what is ailing it is not a want of funding.

“The funding under the SNP Scottish Government over the last sixteen years has consistently risen and that’s why I can say with great clarity that there is the highest funding per capita in Scotland compared with any other part of the UK.”