LIBDEM leader Ed Davey was told by a BBC presenter it was “so weird” he would not answer a question on the EU during an interview.

Victoria Derbyshire, who was standing in for Laura Kuenssberg on her Sunday morning show, initially confronted Davey with a world cloud which suggested people had “no idea” what he stood for.

We previously told how the LibDems were accused of “throwing in the towel” after Davey said people on the doorstep just “aren’t talking about Europe”.

When the conversation turned to the EU, Davey (below) said his party remains “very pro-European” and that they want the UK to be “at the heart of Europe”.

The National: Sir Ed Davey

He continued: “We’re also deeply realistic about what’s going to have to be done to enable us to improve our relations with Europe.

“Unfortunately, this Conservative government has soured our relations and European politicians don’t trust the UK anymore and that’s a very sad position. It’s against our national interest.

“The next parliament, the next government has got to engage with Europe in a way this government isn’t doing.”

Derbyshire then asked if it was still the LibDems' position that the party want “a longer-term objective of UK membership of the EU”.

Davey replied: “I’ve been really clear that Britain must be at the heart of Europe” to which the presenter interjected to ask if this meant “rejoining”.

The LibDem leader continued: “What it means is we’ve got to start where we are at the moment and rebuild those relationships.

“At the moment European politicians are not listening to the UK.”

Davey was told he was “deflecting from the question” and once again asked if the long-term goal was to rejoin the EU.

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He said: “That’s currently not on the table. I’m telling you in our manifesto we are focusing in on what’s got to be done over the next five years to strengthen our economy, to strengthen our security.

“I really want to rebuild that trust, rebuild that relationship so we can be at the heart of Europe. That is going to take time.”

Derbyshire then asked Davey if he could “just say out loud” that his party want to rejoin the EU but added: “You won’t say the words. It’s so weird.”