SCOTS took part in a massive march and rally in London on Saturday to show support for rejoining the EU.

The National Rejoin March (NRM) saw campaigners take to the streets dressed in blue clothing and ­carrying EU flags, with a rally held at ­Parliament Square.

Among those taking part was Rod Dalitz, from Edinburgh, who said there were many thousands who had turned out to protest and it was a “very friendly and positive” ­atmosphere.

He told the Sunday National: “It makes me extremely angry as [Brexit] was based on lies. The £350 million a week to the NHS – don’t make me laugh.

The National:

“Look at all of the harm which Brexit has done to so many things – to science, to Horizon, to young people travelling, to musicians, to all sorts of people.”

He said the damage being done was a “huge elephant in the room” which most politicians appeared to be ­denying.

“At my age of 75, I think the only way for me to be in Europe again is for Scotland achieving independence and then joining as a new country,” he said.

“I suspect England will in the long term rejoin but I don’t think in my lifetime.

He added: “I voted for Scotland to remain part of the UK a ­number of years ago quite a lot because ­people told us that is the only way for ­Scotland to remain in the EU.

“Now look at it – can you blame me for feeling angry?”

Fiona Wishlade, who was on the march with campaign group Glasgow Loves EU, said: “There are quite a few of us who came down from Scotland either last night or this morning.

“It’s important to continue to send a signal and hold all politicians to ­account.

“There are things they can do about the economy and the cost of living by addressing some of the failings of Brexit.

“If we just sit at home and stay quiet, they think we are accepting the status quo.”

She added: “I have spoken to a few people today who have changed their minds [on Brexit], ­recognising the damage it is doing to their ­grandchildren and that kind of thing.

“And maybe voted for Brexit for very specific reasons not realising the wider repercussions.”

Protesters held up placards ­expressing their discontent with ­leaving the EU, including “The road to rejoin the EU starts here”, and ­“Rejoin, Rejoice”.

Another sign read: “Tories out, ­migrants welcome – Rejoin the EU.”

Peter Corr, leader and co-founder of NRM, said he decided to organise the march as it “felt like everyone had given up” on the cause.

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The lorry driver from Derby said: “Brexit was a huge mistake, we’re all – especially working class and poorer people – paying for it and we need to do something about it.”

He said 60% of the country, and 80% of people aged under 25, consistently say they would rejoin the EU in polls, adding: “I hate racism and xenophobia and that’s just what a big part of that ‘Vote Leave’ campaign ­really felt like to me.”

Ceira Sergeant, 21, from Walton in Liverpool, one of the speakers, said: “I was only 14 when the referendum happened, so there was a huge amount of my peers who never got the chance to have their voices heard.”

Protesters from other European countries also attended the event.