THE SNP have demanded an immediate recall of Westminster to debate Rishi Sunak’s “arrogant” U-turn on key net zero policies.

The Tory Prime Minister announced in a speech on Wednesday that he would scrap a range of planned environmental measures.

It came after details of the U-turn were leaked after MPs headed off for the annual conference recess – taking place just two weeks after they returned from summer break.

The SNP’s Cabinet Office spokesperson, Kirsty Blackman MP, described it as an “arrogant move from an arrogant Prime Minister”.

She said: “Announcing sweeping U-turns that could have catastrophic effects on our climate is one thing, but to do so in recess shows he’s feart of the scrutiny and damnation MPs, from the SNP in particular, will level on his devastating plans to roll back on climate commitments.

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“Parliament should be recalled immediately so MPs can fight against the Tories’ devastating attack on important climate targets.”

She added: “With this announcement, and the Labour party’s consistent U-turns on key green pledges, it’s clear only the SNP stand ready to do what’s necessary to fight the climate crisis.

“It’s now even more clear we need the full powers of independence to do that.”

In his speech, Sunak announced the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars would be pushed back by five years to 2035.

He said the debate about achieving net zero had “thrown up a range of worrying proposals”.

He said: “Today I want to confirm that under this Government they will never happen.

“The proposals for Government to interfere in how many passengers you can have in your car, I’ve scrapped it.

“The proposal to make you change your diet and harm British farmers by taxing meat or to create new taxes to discourage flying or going on holiday, I’ve scrapped those too.

“Nor will we ban new oil and gas in the North Sea, which would simply leave us reliant on expensive, imported energy from foreign dictators like Putin.

“We will never impose these unnecessary and heavy-handed measures on you, the British people, but we will still meet our international commitments and hit net zero by 2050.”

But more than 250 NGOs and businesses have urged the Prime Minister not to weaken the UK’s net zero policies.

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In an open letter co-ordinated by climate change think tank E3G, the group said watering down net zero commitments would be “the historic mistake of Rishi Sunak’s premiership” and leave a lasting impact on the UK economy and the climate.

Ed Matthew, campaigns director for E3G, said: “This would be the greatest act of economic self-harm since Liz Truss’s mini-budget.

“It is shaking investor confidence and putting jobs at risk. It also threatens to keep households hooked on expensive oil and gas for longer.

“The large number of signatories to this letter, gathered in only hours, reflects the deep commitment from all parts of society to the net zero transition. Policies to build a prosperous green future are a mission that unites us all and should not be used by politicians to divide us. This is shameful.”