ANGUS Robertson has said there is a "strong" case to consider further expanding the Scottish Government’s network of international offices after a Tory MSP highlighted calls for a presence in South America.

The Constitution Secretary confirmed a new office would be opened in Warsaw in this parliamentary term, adding there were no plans to open any further locations.

However in response to a question from Tory MSP Donald Cameron, who called for a review saying there was a “noted absence” in certain parts of the world, he said there were “strong reasons to actively consider expanding the network”.

The Scottish Government spent £7 million maintaining international offices in 2022/23 in China, the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

But the spending has been attacked by opposition parties, with Labour peer George Foulkes recently saying he intended to challenge “illegal” Scottish Government spending on international offices.

In June, Cameron also attacked the overseas offices funding, saying the money should be spent on other priorities.

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Speaking at Holyrood on Wednesday, the Tory MSP said: “The location of the Scottish Government’s international offices has been the subject of much debate, in particular a noted absence in certain parts of the world such as the global south, which has come up in the Constitution Committee.

“There have been also calls for a Scottish presence in South America, a rapidly growing market for Scotch whisky and an area which saw a 66% increase in exports in 2022.

“So does the Cabinet Secretary agree that the international office network as a whole would benefit from a wholesale review of locations, staffing and funding and will he implement such a review?"

In response Robertson said: “Firstly can I say we remain committed to opening a new office in Warsaw in this parliamentary term and of course there is a rich history of education, trade and cultural links between Scotland and Poland that we are keen to build on.

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“There are currently no plans to open any further Scottish Government international offices during this Parliamentary term but I very much welcome the tone and approach from the Conservative frontbench.”

He went on: “I think there are very strong reasons to actively consider expanding the network and I think he is right to point to different parts of the world where as yet there is no Scottish Government office.

“I would be delighted for him to make his case further and would very much welcome contributions from his, indeed any from other party in the political chamber, that would wish us to see expanding [the] international network – given I think I am right in saying, there is all party consensus that they provide excellent value for money and do a tremendous service for Scotland internationally.”