ACTIVISTS have confirmed an independence march will go ahead despite a clash with the pro-Yes Chain of Freedom event on October 14.

Yes2Indee are set to hold the It Is Time event in Glasgow on Saturday, October 14 at 12pm – the same day organisers want a chain of an estimated 77,000 people across Scotland to line up on canal paths linking Scotland’s largest city and its capital.

The group said the march will go ahead as “the team have put almost 18 months of work” and for the date’s significance.

Gary Kelly, Yes2Indee’s national coordinator said the October date holds significance both politically and personally.

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He said: “This date was selected for two reasons. The first reason was Nicola Sturgeon's speech in 2022, the second is my daughter's birthday. It is the first birthday on a Saturday since Indee Alba Kelly was born 4 years to that date”.

The former first minister's speech in 2022 announced the Scottish Government’s intended date for indyref2 in October 2023.

Saor Alba Pipes and Drums are set to attend the marches which will be led through Glasgow starting at Kelvingrove to Glasgow Green.

One of Europe’s largest women’s drumming ensembles SheBoom will welcome the march into the city centre with a performance of afro-brazilian, samba, african, latin, celtic and european rhythms.

Yes2Indee say the march route has been agreed with the Glasgow events team who have “welcomed us back with open arms - we've built a great working relationship with Glasgow”.

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The group note other local authorities such as Aberdeen who place financial barriers on the right to demonstrate by saying: “Basically the poor cannot protest in Aberdeen as the council places red tape with financial barriers on the right to demonstrate event.

“We will not be deterred by this behaviour towards people, and it will be remembered in the history books of an independent Scotland”.

The initial plan for the Chain of Freedom was for it to be 66-miles-long, using Forth, Clyde and Union Canal paths linking Scotland’s largest city and its capital.

The group will now be using the Forth and Clyde Canal path ONLY - cutting the route by an estimated 20 miles.

Organisers told activists disappointed by the decision from Scottish Canals “We overcome and adapt. We will not give up or be discouraged”.