BREXIT campaigner Richard Tice has demanded the BBC ban the EU flag from the Last Night of the Proms as it is an "insult" to Britain.

The founder of Leave.EU and Leave Means Leave fumed that the BBC had been “complicit” when audience members waved the EU flag as the BBC Symphony Orchestra played Rule Britannia on Saturday.

Tice, now the leader of the Reclaim Party, told the Daily Express the flag must be banned from future editions of the Last Night of the Proms, which closes the BBC’s summer classical music series.

He said: “I am not in favour of banning things normally but we really need to ban the EU flag from the Last Night of the Proms.

"This is a patriotic event celebrating Britain and we are allowing people to insult this country with the flag of a political organisation.

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"I don't have any problem with French people or Germans or whoever taking their own flag, but really the main flags should be the Union Jack not the EU one."

He added: “I am afraid I think the BBC is complicit in this.

"It was noticeable that people with EU flags were being ushered to the front where of course they will be caught on camera more.

"The whole thing was disgusting frankly."

Reports have said Remain activists were spotted outside the Albert Hall before the performance handing out EU flags.

The group Thank EU for the Music claimed responsibility for the stunt, writing in a Facebook post: “Tens of thousands of music lovers have taken our free European flags into the Royal Albert Hall for each Last Night of the Proms in solidarity with musicians who feel (like countless others) the destructive impact of Britain's recent isolation from Europe.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “Audiences choose to bring their own flags, and the Royal Albert Hall specify size limitations within their guidelines for safety reasons.”