ACTIVISTS already have their eyes on action at next year's BBC Proms after a successful Saturday show of action.

Brexiteers were outraged online after seeing thousands of EU flags waving during a rendition of “Rule, Britannia!” as part of the Proms in London.

The BBC’s annual celebration of classical music was targeted by pro-EU campaign group Thank EU for the Music.

Images have been shown of the blue and yellow EU flag being waved by the crowd among Union Jacks, and Brexiteers have shared their discontent.

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Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor has called for an investigation into how the “disgraceful and misguided BBC” let such an “utterly vulgar and wrong” spectacle happen.

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher posted on Twitter/X: “Ironic to see some of the audience at The Last Night of the Proms waving EU flags while singing Rule Britannia. Rule Britannia represents freedom, sovereignty, and self-determination, all absent in the European Union. Thank God for Brexit.”

In an open letter to Tim Davie, the BBC’s director general, the group said the stunt was a demonstration against Brexit.

“Tens of thousands of music lovers have taken our free European flags into the Royal Albert Hall for each Last Night of the Proms in solidarity with musicians who feel (like countless others) the destructive impact of Britain’s recent isolation from Europe.

“We appreciate that the BBC strives to avoid controversy at all costs, but would gently point out that in doing so you might on occasion have chosen reticence rather than objectivity with regards to editorial policy on Brexit matters.

“I’m sure it cannot have escaped your attention that the artistic endeavours on stage now happen despite, not because of, the limitations that Britain’s departure from the European Union have imposed on the creative industries.”

Supporters have been sharing the Crowdfunder set up by the group to fund next year’s action.

Thank EU for the Music wrote on the page accepting donations: “Flags at the proms is always a huge success.

“We hand out 1000s of flags to a very sympathetic audience. The flags were very visible on the TV and got reported by the media not just in the UK but other European countries as well. Thank you everybody for your support.

“We also need to buy the wonderful Bath BEURETS which have made such an impact in recent years.

“Let’s make 2024 EU Flags at the proms happen”.