THE BBC failed to include a key statement from a Scottish Government minister on Raac concrete during its flagship morning news programme.

On Friday’s episode of Good Morning Scotland (GMS) on BBC Radio Scotland, Shirley-Anne Somerville’s ministerial update on Raac concrete was notably absent.

Speaking in Holyrood on Thursday, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice said that the UK Government was currently refusing to provide new funds to devolved administrations to replace the potentially dangerous concrete – despite Jeremy Hunt claiming they would “spend what it takes” to fix the issue.

She also highlighted that the Scottish Government was only made aware of the UK Government’s decision to close or partially close more than 100 schools in England due to the presence of Raac concrete when it was leaked to the media.

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She said: “Although the issue of RAAC has been under discussion for some time and action has been taken, the UK Government Department for Education changed its approach for Raac specifically in schools on 31 August—a change in approach that Scottish ministers learned about through the media.

“It is totally unacceptable that UK minister prioritised briefing the media before alerting or sharing crucial information with devolved governments.

"In what can only be described as a complete dereliction of duty, it was not until 18:56 on Sunday, September 3 that the UK Government shared four pages of Raac photographs dating as far back as 2018—not detailed or comprehensive structural reports but photographs with the bare minimum of supporting context. To be frank, the engagement has been insulting.”

The National: Shirley-Anne Somerville said the UK Government's engagement with devolved administrations on Raac concrete had been insultingShirley-Anne Somerville said the UK Government's engagement with devolved administrations on Raac concrete had been insulting (Image: Jane Barlow/PA)

However, despite it being the first detailed ministerial statement of Raac specific to Scotland – which has dominated the news agenda on the BBC for days – Somerville’s comments were not mentioned on GMS.

The MSM monitor Twitter/X account noted the absence.

“RAAC is the biggest political story in the UK right now and this was the first formal Scottish Govt statement.

“BBC Scotland is censoring its news output to protect the UK Govt.”

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The National approached the BBC to confirm whether or not the statement had been included in Friday’s episode of GMS.

A spokesperson said: “Shirley-Anne Somerville’s statement on RAAC in which she criticised the UK government was featured on Thursday’s edition of Drivetime (7.9.23).

“It was part of a two-way between Andrew Kerr who was reporting live as the news happened and presenter Fiona Stalker. It is misleading to suggest it has not been covered.”