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A SATIRICAL programme from BBC Radio Scotland seems to be rattling people of all political persuasions.

Noising Up’s latest season first broadcast on September 1 and describes itself as a “riotous mix of sketches, gags, spoofs, quickies and take-offs” across Scottish politics.

On Twitter/X, BBC Radio Scotland has been promoting the show with some animated clips – and it hasn’t been going down very well.

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So far the only “riotous” responses appear to be in the comment sections of the clips shared on social media, with followers of Scottish politics from across the spectrum unimpressed with the content.

The drama kicked off with a clip of an animated Lorna Slater presenting a new programme touring the country in a limo – with the voiceover imitating a stereotypical Canadian accent, complete with lots of “eh” and “aboot” references.

The clip also sees the cartoon version of the MSP joke that she’s the minister for maple syrup before adding: “Limo Lorna, that’s me eh!”

Commentators jumped in to call out the impression, with Gerry Hassan describing it as “demeaning and ultimately adding nothing creative to public life”.

Elena Whitham, Slater’s fellow minister in the Scottish Government and also a Canadian, wasn’t happy either. “Take off, eh. If you want to really satirise us Canadian hosers you need a few lessons from Bob & Doug McKenzie. This is just p*sh,” she wrote.

Others said the impression sounded nothing like the minister.

Independence supporter Bill Cruickshank described the parody as “absolutely beyond belief”.

Shauny Boy, known for his own send-ups of mainly pro-independence political figures, called it “absolutely s****”.

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In another clip, the Noising Up team mock Labour’s Anas Sarwar and Angela Rayner for the splits between the Scottish and UK parties – with several jokes about Sarwar’s past career as a dentist.

“For balance, this is terrible as well,” said Green councillor Alex Staniforth.

Meanwhile, Unionist account Facundo Savala described the clip as “guff”.

Scottish comedian Janey Godley got involved, pointing out that pro-Union figures have been calling for satire taking aim at Holyrood for some time – and suggested they would be disappointed.

“Finally - finally the BBC have done satirical  SNP political comedy - and well.. even the Unionists don’t seem happy about it ..

“I don’t know the writers or the voices but.. well.. you seemingly can’t please everyone eh guys?”

Noising Up first aired last year on BBC Radio Scotland and features a team consisting of comedians like Karen Bartke, Stephen Buchanan, Zara Janjua, Lana Pheutan and Manjot Sumal.

If you want to see for yourself whether the show is fair satire or questionable content, you can listen to the first two episodes here.