SCOTS have been left fuming after Penny Mordaunt said the country was plagued with “Victorian diseases” following a visit north of the Border.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the former Tory leadership candidate hit out at the SNP’s record in government.

She also suggested the SNP may blame modern social issues on “the execution of Mary Queen of Scots” or "Highland Clearances" in a bizarre rant in Parliament.

Many took to Twitter/X to react to the comments, with social media users criticising her “disdain” for Scotland.

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“The Tories hate Scotland," said one, while a third commented that Scotland needs to abandon the “outdated Westminster system and the antiquated Tory party”.

In response to a question from Deidre Brock (below), Mordaunt said: “I was shocked to learn that Victorian diseases have actually returned to certain cities in Scotland such as rickets.

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“That Glasgow’s rat problem is now so bad, it is precluding bin men actually accessing certain streets because it’s too dangerous for them.”

She added that the SNP were “never short of a grievance” and said next week excuses for things could be “the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the Highland Clearances or the 100 Years War”.

The reaction on Twitter/X continued with one commenting that the Tories “really do hate Scotland”.

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“What a charmer," joked another while somebody else said that “every Scot should repost the disgraceful comments”.

Others simply reacted with disbelief with one user saying: “Referencing the Highland Clearances, this is astonishing. Wow.”