A PLAY telling the inspiring story of how Scotland saved the 1994 women’s Rugby World Cup looks set to be premiered at Murrayfield next year for the event’s 30th anniversary.

Ex-Scotland captain Sandra Colamartino has written 90 Days that tells the incredible tale of how the Scotland women’s squad she was a part of stepped in to stage the tournament after it was cancelled just weeks before it was due to take place in the Netherlands.

The team – as the title of the play states – had just 90 days to prepare to host the contest, having only played their very first international against Ireland just 12 months before.

Back then, the team were not affiliated with or funded by the SRU and were left to their own devices.

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But 30 years on, the union has offered to stage the play at Scotland’s home stadium on the same day the women’s team take on England – the eventual winners of the 1994 World Cup – in the Six Nations on April 13.

Every rugby fan knows the story of Scotland’s men winning the 1990 Grand Slam, but Colamartino (below) said throughout that decade women’s rugby was largely “invisible”.

The former scrum half said she is delighted to have the SRU’s backing which she hopes will help her to “level up” history.

Asked if she felt things had gone full circle with the SRU showing support for the play, she told The National: “I think it does highlight how different it is now, there’s a real effort being made to give women equal coverage. The interest in women’s sport is at an absolute peak.

The National:

“I don’t think a week goes by now without women’s sport being in the spotlight.

 “I do think the SRU are making every effort to make rugby a sport for all. The response we’re getting from the SRU is a real warm embrace.

“They’re trying to ensure that, perhaps, what they may have done for former male players in the past, is now being done for former female players. They’re really addressing that.”

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Ex-male players have for some time had their names placed on a roll of honour in the tunnel at Murrayfield if they gained a Scotland cap and the SRU ensured the same was done for ex-female players last year.

With the union’s backing and a venue secured, Colamartino now just needs to raise around £20,000 to ensure a professional crew and actors can be commissioned to make it happen.

It is hoped £10,000 can be raised through crowdfunding with another £10,000 brought in by a sponsor.

The small production will involve a cast of around three or four actors, one of which will play Colamartino and another the role of steely ex-player Sue Brodie who first initiated the discussion about Scotland hosting the World Cup.

Colamartino added: “We’re really just trying to push the story out there now to see if we can find any interest from crowdfunding or someone to step in and help make this happen.

“What we really need is a brand to come in and say they’d like to be associated with it. It’s a levelling up of history really.

“Everyone knows about the men’s Grand Slam in 1990, but people don’t really know about the women’s history so it’s an opportunity to be associated with rebalancing that and allowing the current squad a chance to be excited about what their game is in the context of history.”

The SRU has also offered to help record the performance which will allow it to be shared online with people who pledge money to the cause.

So far more than £3000 has been raised through the crowdfunding campaign, with donations coming in from as far afield as New Zealand.

Although the current plan is for one-night-only at Murrayfield, if this is a sell-out success and sufficient funding can be found, it could be toured around rugby clubs in Scotland in the future or even brought to the Edinburgh Festival.

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