MOTORISTS travelling the Clyde Tunnel claim they were held up after a man on an e-scooter took to the road to cross the river.

The video, which was posted anonymously on social media, shows a man in a black jacket and white hat riding down the steep bank of the road on the scooter. 

Filming from the vehicle directly behind the rider, voices can be heard expressing their disappointment towards being held up by the scooter user as they can't overtake due to double solid white lines. 

The National:

The National:

Only vehicles such as cars, vans and lorries are permitted to use the road going under the Clyde. 

The tunnel is a main passage for road users that connects Glasgow's southside to the city's north-west end.

The National:

In the video, voices can be heard shouting and swearing at the being stuck behind the man.

However, towards the end of the video, the pair in the vehicle see the funny side to the situation as they say: "Oh, I want to see the scooter struggle to go up the climb," before bursting into hysterical laughter. 

The video ends before the driver and scooter rider reach the end of the tunnel.