ISSUES are continuing on the NC500 route with one person reporting that they were “overwhelmed” with the smell of people smoking cannabis on a campsite. 

It comes after we reported that a number of arrests were made last week as a number of vehicles were caught speeding.

On the Facebook page, NC500: The Dirty Truth, one user commented: “Yet again and for the umpteenth time while staying at a campsite in the NW Highlands as I go about the site I am overwhelmed by the smell of people smoking cannabis and know these are the very same people who will be taking to driving some of the most challenging roads in the country the very next day.”

A number of issues have plagued those living on the route this summer, as we previously told of issues with people using the countryside as a toilet.

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And those issues have continued as one member of the Facebook group said: “Camped on the beach at Mawbray on the Solway Firth.

“Only two cars came through the night. Woke up this morning empty. McDonalds bag and a bucket full of human s**t.

“It ain’t just folk in vans. It’s everyone.”

Another shared an image of people who had not left the countryside as they found it with the caption: “This is real life folks.”

Many in the group were left demoralised by the problems with one saying: “I give up” while another said it was “disgusting”.

The National:

“This is shocking”, said another.

One user even said they had picked up human waste while they were out on a walk with their dog and were left fuming given there are facilities to dispose of this nearby.

The NC500 brings together a route of just over 500 miles of coastal scenery, beaches, mountains and fishing villages.

The Dirty Truth Facebook page offers a space for those who live on the route to express their views on overtourism.