A VIDEO project picturing everyday people in an independent Scotland is to launch for voters “to glimpse the real opportunities” of the future nation.

The Future Voices project has been conceived and developed by a small group of pro-independence volunteers, not affiliated to any political party, based in Dunfermline.

Videos will feature Scottish actors playing out everyday situations in a Scotland which has settled into independence. The group hopes it will convey the benefits of independence to voters as “viewers can see and hear people just like them”.

The series comprises of seven themes identified by the volunteers after canvassing on the issues Scots want to hear about when it comes to the constitutional debate.

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The themes are: A Fair Society, Clean and Green, Prosperity, Community, Scotland’s Values, Our Democracy and Care, Respect and Happiness.

The clips will be published on a dedicated YouTube channel, while short trailers will be promoted on various social media platforms. The group hopes to utilize social media and maximise distribution of the clips, across Scotland and beyond, especially to a younger audience.

They also intend to produce supporting hard copy display and presentation materials.

With hopes for production to continue, there is scope for various sub-topics.

Several branches and Yes groups around Dunfermline contributed financially to the project, as well as the Scottish Independence Foundation.

Ian Munro, who is leading the project, said: “Everyone who knows about the project has been excited about our innovative approach and we have had excellent feedback from inside the independence movement and beyond.  We hope to involve folk from all parts of Scotland in the next phase and to keep on showing how Scotland has the potential to lead the world in so many ways”.

The project will officially launch on 7 September at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline. Tickets to the launch event are available here.