A RARE edition of a Harry Potter book could sell for thousands of pounds at an auction next month.

Carina Haouchine, a documentary film-maker from Scotland, is selling the book after it survived a devastating blaze in her Glasgow tenement flat, which is now rendered inhabitable.

The copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is signed and dedicated by author JK Rowling, and was never released for sale.

It is estimated to fetch between £8-12k when it sells at Hansons’ Auctioneers on September 5.

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Carina won a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in a competition organised by publisher Bloomsbury in 2012 to find the UK’s biggest Harry Potter fan.

Experts have said it is technically the rarest edition that exists of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Jim Spencer, head of Hansons’ Library Auction, said: “Only 15 copies were produced and they were never offered for sale.

"I predict that 100 years from now, this book, and the fan art that accompanies it, will be displayed in a museum.

“Not only did it survive the fire, it is an immaculate find. It comes with its original padded envelope from Bloomsbury and is in fine, unread condition.

“All of this emphasises the importance of this book and what a truly magical opportunity is in store for all Potterheads.”

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At the time of the competition Carina was a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

In her entry she wrote: “I’ve grown up with Harry Potter. It was the first thing I was ever passionate about, and I always will be!”.

She made the decision to sell her copy after she got engaged, to raise money for her wedding.

The National: Carina Haouchine won the book in 2012.Carina Haouchine won the book in 2012. (Image: NQ)

Carina said: “I grew up with my mum reading me the Harry Potter books and the release of the film series sparked my passion for film.

“I am now a filmmaker and I've no doubt that the Harry Potter world played a part in that."