HUMZA Yousaf has said he is “delighted” to have Murray Foote as the new SNP chief executive, with politicians and party members from across the political spectrum also reacting to the news.

The former Daily Record editor turned SNP head of communications was unveiled on Wednesday as Peter Murrell’s official replacement after the latter resigned from the role amid a police investigation into the SNP's finances.

The SNP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was told the news on Wednesday afternoon.

One NEC source told The National that they were "excited" by the appointment, while another said Foote's journalistic background was a plus "at a time when media is so important to campaigning".

Meanwhile, the First Minister hailed Foote’s “wealth of experience” in a tweet congratulating him on the new appointment.

He said: “Murray will bring a great wealth of experience and talent to the role of Chief Exec of the SNP.

“I'm delighted to have him on board as we look to strengthen the SNP HQ, empower our incredible activists across Scotland and build a winning campaign for independence.”

SNP President Michael Russell – also briefly interim chief executive earlier this year –reacted positively to the news.

He tweeted: “Many congratulations to Murray Foote named today as the new SNP Chief Executive - only the third such appointment since the post was created in 1994.

“Having so publicly travelled the journey from No to Yes, he is ideally placed to help others make it.”

During his time as editor of the Daily Record newspaper, Foote famously engineered "The Vow" – a pledge by UK political leaders to give Scotland more powers in the lead-up to the 2014 independence referendum, which was made on the newspaper’s front page.

Western Isles MP Angus Macneil, who sits as an independent after being expelled from the SNP, suggested Foote’s “flexible mind” could mark his return to the party.

He tweeted: “I wonder if the Author of "The Vow" in 2014, Murray Foote, now the new Chief Executive of the SNP, a man of flexible mind, will be the man to rescind my expulsion.”

Not everyone was delighted by the appointment, however.

The Alba Party suggested Foote having been the architect of "The Vow" would lead many in the independence movement to have reservation about the appointment. 

An Alba Party spokesman said: “To win independence we need to bring a majority of Scots together, including many that voted No in 2014.

"However, the independence movement will rightly have reservations that the architect of “The Vow” - which sold the lie of Scotland having the most powerful devolved parliament in the world if we voted no, who then spent several years bragging about the effectiveness of The Vow - is the right person to be at the top of the party of a pro independence Government.”

Scottish Labour MSP Michael Marra also didn't welcome the news, saying: "These people have lost grip of reality. Good judgment and common sense essential in a First Minister. This appointment displays neither."

Commenting, Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie added: “Presented with the chance of a fresh start for the SNP after years of secrecy, Humza Yousaf has instead appointed Murray Foote as the successor to the beleaguered Peter Murrell.

“This is just the latest continuity candidate to be brought back by Humza Yousaf who is desperately trying to get the band back together ahead of what could be their farewell tour.

“It is clearer than ever that only Scottish Labour will give Scotland the fresh start it needs.”