HOW Scotland can lead the way in tackling two “urgent existential threats to all life” will be discussed at a newly announced festival.

Glasgow is to play host to international guests, cultural figures, academics, politicians and thinkers for the first Festival for Survival, which will focus on the “twin threats” of climate change and nuclear weaponry.

As well as calling for disarmament, the festival will explore the “need a full-scale mobilisation of resources to tackle climate change and environmental destruction”.

Lynn Jamieson, the chair of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), said that her group had convened the festival “because Scotland can make a stronger contribution to the future of the planet if the network of organisations that make up our peace movement and environmental movement combine”.

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Writing for The National, Jamieson said the event – which is to be held on November 4 – would see a “push for a just transition and nuclear disarmament to defend the thousands of species being brought to extinction by human activity and build a safer, fairer and greener future”.

Workshops, discussions, cultural exhibits, and speeches are on the agenda for the festival, which will be held across two Glasgow venues, Adelaides and the Renfield Centre.

A lengthy list of confirmed speakers includes MSPs Bill Kidd and Ross Greer, Archbishop of Glasgow William Nolan, the University of Edinburgh's Dr Claire Duncanson, Dr Olamide Samuel from the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, author Layla-Roxanne Hill, as well as representatives from Scientists for Global Responsibility, The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and Nyuklia Eureka: African Youth for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

The National: Archbishop of Glasgow William Nolan will speak at the Festival for SurvivalArchbishop of Glasgow William Nolan will speak at the Festival for Survival (Image: PA)

Janet Fenton, who sits on the Scottish CND executive committee as well as the steering group from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, said: “Two urgent existential threats to all life – nuclear weapons and the climate and biodiversity crises – are induced by human behaviour, each exacerbating the other.

“Scotland has the capacity to make a real contribution to a positive global future. Scottish CND’s Festival For Survival brings academics, politicians and activists together to share the information needed to collaborate in charting a way forward.

“I’ve been a Scottish internationalist all my life, and another generation must not be compelled to exist in a Scotland which is allowed to ignore the real dangers we face from catastrophic violence and environmental breakdown. This festival can spell out what puts us all in harm’s way instead of a safer and fairer world. Be part of it and make the change.”

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Bill Ramsay, the convener of the SNP Trade Union Group – which represents some 13,000 members within the party, said: “I am looking forward to the festival which is shaping up to play a vital role in addressing a range of issues that are spiralling out of control. It promises to be an important and inspiring gathering which will put Scottish CND back at the heart of Scottish public life.

“The range of speakers reflects the growing need for action on disarmament and a just transition to meet the challenge of climate change. Many trade unionists will be in attendance too, and I look forward to engaging in the discussion on how we can build a broad and progressive movement for a sustainable and peaceful future.”

You are invited to explore the speakers, sessions and plans for the November 4 event on the festival’s website at, where tickets will also be available.