KATE Forbes told an Edinburgh Fringe show that the second coming of Jesus Christ could happen before indyref2.

The former finance secretary’s comments came at the light-hearted end to a show with Matt Forde, according to The Herald.

Forbes, whose socially-conservative views as a member of the Free Church of Scotland became a headline topic during the SNP leadership race, was asked: “What is more likely in the next 10 years – the second coming or a second independence referendum?”

In her response, the SNP MSP said that the second coming could happen at any moment, whereas indyref2 would require effort before it came to pass.

Forbes replied: “Well, that is both political and problematic.

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“I think they both have an equal likelihood of happening, but I think probably the second coming could happen at literally any time – in the next hour.

“And probably the referendum is going to take a bit more work.”

Forde also asked the MSP which she would consider more desirable. She did not respond, just saying: “Oh, my!”

Commenting after the show, Forbes wrote on Twitter: "I see that political reporting doesn’t quite capture comedy. Great to chat to Matt Forde at the Fringe earlier today in Edinburgh."

In February, after announcing her bid to run for SNP leader, Forbes faced a backlash in the media after she said she would not have voted to allow gay marriage.

She also said that having children outside of marriage was “wrong” according to her faith.

Speaking at another show at the Edinburgh Fringe earlier in August, the MSP said it was important to be clear about her beliefs right from the off and insisted it would have troubled her greatly had she dodged questions on them.

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Speaking alongside LBC host Iain Dale: “I think the important point in those first few days was to be clear. I’m not so naive to think these questions wouldn’t emerge, I knew they would, and I thought to prevaricate, to dodge questions, to look slippery, would not be respectful of the electorate.

“And then I’m a democrat. I am very content with the result because I knew that people knew what they were voting for.”

Humza Yousaf emerged as the new SNP leader after a tight race – in which third contender Ash Regan was eliminated after the first round – saw him win 52% of the vote to Forbes’s 48%.