“HE’S Scottish” began trending online in the face of media backlash against Humza Yousaf’s comments when asked who he would be supporting in the final of the Women’s World Cup this weekend.

The First Minister hit back at a reporter from Radio Clyde News who asked if he would be supporting England. Yousaf said: “I’ll be watching the game for sure, I wish the Lionesses every bit of luck.”

Pressed on whether or not he would be “cheering” them on, he replied: “Cheering them on if you wish. I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with who I’ll be cheering on.

“I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to watch the game or not watch the game given that I am busy of course on Sunday.

“But if I do get to watch the game then I wish both teams the best of luck.”

As he turned away from the camera, Yousaf could also be heard saying “honestly”.

Following the clip being reshared by GB News presenter Darren Grimes, people from both Scotland and England have shared their desperation at the unionist narrative by tweeting: “He’s Scottish”.

Grimes wrote: “Scot Nationalist bigot Humza Yousaf REFUSES to bring himself to say he wishes the Lionesses well, settling for saying he wishes both teams well instead! The man is pathetic.”

Many took to Twitter to react, one said: “He’s Scottish why would he rather England win over Spain?”

Another wrote: “Don’t agree with this chap much but completely get this. He’s Scottish - he supports Scotland. I take delight when Scotland get hammered in national tournaments. Why would he cheer on England? Odd to hammer him on this.”

And another added: “Don’t see a problem with this, he’s Scottish, he has every right to not want England to win. if this was Scotland v Spain id be cheering on Spain.”