ACTIVISTS say the overarching view expressed by the public at a recent day of action stall was democracy rather than nationalism.

Aye Fyne, the independence group representing the Loch Fyne area, hosted their stall at the Mid Argyll Agricultural Show in Lochgilphead on Saturday as part of Believe in Scotland’s Day of Action.

The group said a “very wet day” still provided a great day for visitors to contribute to the question posed by activists: “What do you think is best for Scotland?”

Along with the multiple pro-independence views was one man who “preferred the devolution option” but said: “England ignores Scotland. Federal systems work elsewhere and could provide benefits for Scotland”.

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Member Frances Roberts said: “There were many more such opinions reflecting the strong view that the issue is not about nationalism so much as simply a matter of democracy. Even the gentleman who preferred the devolution option was inclined to a federal vision. Clearly a man who is nearly Yes!”

The National:

Other responses to the Aye Fyne question included: “Independence – because it’s a matter of principle. Only the people of Scotland know and experience what works best for Scotland. Localised decision making is the only thing that works. Large scale capitalism is killing our communities.”

“Scotland is a progressive, forward-looking country that deserves to be able to make decisions for and by its people, without being held back by Westminster”.

The National:

“Scotland would have autonomy to rule the country and look out for the interest of its residents”.

The group were kindly donated four bottles of whisky for the raffle and enjoyed friendly discussion on issues facing both the local community and country as a whole.