The National:

NEIL Oliver has been mocked after declaring he would never again visit his local Sainsbury’s because there are CCTV cameras at the check-out.

The TV host-cum-conspiracy theorist had apparently never before noticed that supermarkets have security cameras, and the revelation has shocked him to the core.

“CCTV surveillance at tills in Sainsburys supermarket in Stirling. Never shopping there again,” Oliver wrote on X/Twitter on Sunday.

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Quite what response he expected is unclear. Oliver lives in something of a bubble so maybe he thought there’d be hoards of like-minded Sainsbury’s haters just waiting for him to speak out.

There were definitely a couple out there. One responded: “This is happening in more and more places so I put one of their 'bags for life' over the console before I use it… “It is very clear what I am doing, staff never show any interest…”

Right. Well, Oliver’s latest silliness was too much for just about everyone else anyway.

“I can't believe a business would install CCTV directly where its money is stored and handled. What next? Security guards?” podcaster Stephen Knight wrote.

“Has Neil not been to a supermarket in the past 10 years” another added.

“Wait until he learns about the CCTV at cash points,” a third joked.

Oliver is a GB News host, with the channel currently running a “don’t kill cash” campaign pushing back against all the people lining up to cancel it.

Spending much of his working life monologuing to GB News cameras might suggest Oliver doesn’t have quite the aversion to appearing on screens as he is making out.

But then, as another user quipped: “Neil hates people watching him on camera. That explains why he works for GB News.”

His latest rager seems to have come at a random time anyway.

As one social media user said: “I worked at the Sainsbury's in Stirling from 2009-12. There was CCTV surveillance at the tills then because of course there was.”

They added: “No idea what he's on about but I'll be sure to pop in more if Neil Oliver won't be there.”

For those who don’t know the city, there are two Sainsbury’s in Stirling. One is smaller and near the train station and the other, larger site is off Back O’Hill Road below the castle.

It’s not clear which one Oliver visited, but odds are that both have CCTV.

We’ve asked Sainsbury’s if they’re worried – but it seems unlikely that Oliver is going to find an alternative supermarket with a no security cameras policy.