THE SNP have slammed Keir Starmer as a “sell out” ahead of his expected visit to Scotland on Monday. 

The party’s depute leader Keith Brown called on the Labour leader to scrap his support for “Tory policies like Brexit and the bedroom tax".

The MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane also challenged Starmer to answer "one simple question: what does the Labour party stand for?"

It comes as the Labour party and its leader have been criticised for a number of policy u-turns, including that a Labour government will not scrap the two-child cap, and associated "rape clause", or bedroom tax, despite previously calling it “heinous” and “inhuman”.

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Brown said: "After abandoning almost every progressive principle and selling out ordinary people struggling with Westminster's cost of living crisis, there is one simple question Keir Starmer must answer on his fleeting visit to Scotland: What does the Labour party actually stand for?

"It's becoming almost impossible for people across Scotland to see any difference between the Westminster parties as Starmer's pro-Brexit Labour continue to side with the Tories on all the key issues hammering households just now - from Brexit to the bedroom tax.

"Even senior Scottish Labour members are ducking and diving to hide from scrutiny on Starmer's damaging, right wing plans for government so how on earth can they expect people across Scotland to vote for it?

"If Keir Starmer wants to salvage any credibility in Scotland then he must ditch his increasingly believable Tory tribute act and outline a positive case for Scotland's future.

"If he is unable to do so then it's time to be honest and admit that the only real alternative to Tory policies and Westminser's cost-of-living crisis is by voting SNP to build a fairer, wealthier future with the full powers of independence."