TORY MP Lee Anderson is once again facing criticism after doubling down on his remarks telling asylum seekers to “f*** off back to France”.

The deputy chairman of the Conservative Party told GB News that any migrants unhappy with the accommodation being offered on the Bibby Stockholm barge should “go back where they came from” and claimed that he had stayed in worse places during visits to UK seaside towns.

“I have stopped in worse accommodation in Skegness, in Blackpool, in Scarborough, in Whitby and all around the country,” he said.

“And did I moan? No, I went for a nice weekend, had a lovely time and didn’t complain to anybody.

“Anyone that is complaining about the standard of luxury accommodation, I stand by my words – they should go back to where they came from.”

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It comes after the first group of asylum seekers was housed on board the Bibby Stockholm barge, with one migrant describing the conditions as “like Alcatraz”.

The SNP’s home affairs spokesperson at Westminster, Alison Thewliss, said Anderson’s comments could be added to the “list of despicable things” the MP has said in the past.

“Such a sweeping statement oversimplifies a complex and humanitarian issue,” she told The Independent.

Several migrants were rescued from the English Channel on Thursday as the number of people crossing in small boats over the last five and a half years appeared to reach 100,000.

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Anderson said he was “very angry” about the 100,000 figure and that “if things don’t go to plan”, the Government may have to take “drastic measures” and leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

However, the charity Refugee Council said the solution lies in providing safe routes for asylum seekers to get to the UK in order to discourage dangerous journeys across the Channel.

They said: “With options such as refugee visas and family reunion, fewer people would need to put their lives at risk.”