TORY MPs believe GB News and the Daily Express are more trustworthy than the BBC, a new poll suggests.

A YouGov poll looking at which media outlets politicians have the most faith in also showed fewer than half of MPs say they trust BBC News.

The study showed 32% of Tory MPs consider the Express to be untrustworthy while more than 30% deem it to be trustworthy.

For GB News, 33% of Tory MPs said they would not trust GB News while 37% said they would.

When looking at the BBC, only 28% said the corporation was trustworthy for news with 36% saying it was untrustworthy or very untrustworthy. 

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In an overall poll of 108 MPs – half of which were Tories – only 48% considered the BBC to be trustworthy, while almost a quarter said they would not trust the outlet.

ITV News was the highest-ranking broadcaster overall, with 59% of MPs saying it is trustworthy, while 52% said they would trust Channel 4 News.

Tory MPs deemed The Times, The Telegraph and The Financial Times to be their most trusted news outlets while there was significant mistrust for The Guardian and The Mirror, showing they generally trust outlets who traditionally report their actions favourably.

Overall, the Daily Mail came out as the least trusted outlet among MPs, with 58% saying the DMG Media paper was not to be trusted. The same proportion considered GB News to be untrustworthy.

The Financial Times topped the list, with 70% of MPs considering the pink pages to be trustworthy.

The Times followed, with left-leaning papers such as The Guardian and The i faring less well, but YouGov said this was unsurprising given the size of the Conservative majority.

The poll looked at what MPs thought of 15 of the most prominent news outlets.