IMMIGRATION minister Robert Jenrick has become the latest Tory to defend Lee Anderson’s comments telling migrants to “f*** off back to France”.

We previously told how the deputy chair of the Tory Party was labelled a “pound-shop Enoch Powell” for his remark.

However, when Justice Secretary Alex Chalk defended the comments, Downing Street confirmed he was speaking on behalf of the Government.

During his appearance on LBC, host Nick Ferrari asked if Jenrick (below) agreed with his colleague.

The National: Robert Jenrick

“Well I think everybody chooses their own language but I think the point Lee Anderson was making is a fair one which I agree with”, the minister said.

Asked if he would have used similar language, Jenrick added: “Well I think we all choose our own language but the point he’s making is absolutely right which is if somebody is destitute then they would accept this perfectly decent form of accommodation.

“We shouldn’t have a sort of a la carte menu where you can decide which form of accommodation suits you or you can demand to be put up in a four-star hotel.

“The public would rightly be looking on that askance. They want us to exit the hotels. They want us to save taxpayers money so that money can be spent on better things.”

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Although multiple senior Tories have leapt to Anderson’s defence, the Scottish Tories have remained silent on the issue.

The National approached them multiple times to see if they wanted to offer any comment but received no reply.

Mickey Mouse mural

Jenrick was also grilled on the painting over of a Mickey Mouse mural at an immigration centre, which was previously met with cross-party criticism.

The minister reportedly felt they were too “welcoming” and was asked to defend his stance on LBC.

He said: “As I said at the time, we thought it was right to change the signage at locations where people first arrive in the United Kingdom.”

Painting over the mural reportedly cost £1500.

Jenrick continued: “If you break into the country illegally, that’s a serious offence. There should be proper signage that emphasises the seriousness of the situation.”

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However, Ferrari continued to press Jenrick on whether or not it was worth spending this amount of money to paint over the mural.

“I wasn’t responsible for the cost of that”, he replied.

“I think the change was the right one and I fundamentally believe that you don’t judge the compassion of our system by the decoration of a centre in which people first arrive.

“This is a challenge that’s costing the United Kingdom billions of pounds and we need to take action.”