AROUND 140,000 pupils across Scotland spent Tuesday morning awaiting their exam results for their Nationals, Highers, Advanced Highers and national certificates.

It comes in a year in which the SQA modified course assessments, put an exam exceptional circumstances service in place, took a sensitive approach to grading and implemented a direct appeals service.

However, some students will be left uncertain about what their grades might mean for their future.

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There are a number of helplines to call should you have any questions – here’s what you need to know.

How can I contact the SQA?

The SQA has a candidate advice line which is open from 8am-6pm on Tuesday and 8.30am-5pm from Wednesday to Friday.

They can be reached on 0345 279 1000.

There is also a separate number on the SQA’s website where people can talk to careers advisers who can offer help with post-school options whether it’s college, university, apprenticeships, jobs or volunteering.

Is there anywhere else I can contact?

Skills Development Scotland is the country’s national skills body and, like the SQA, also have a helpline for people to call if they have any questions following their exam results.

They are available on 0808 100 8000.

Scotland’s Education Secretary Jenny Gilruth (below) visited a helpline service on Monday and said: “Results day can be a very emotional one for pupils, parents and carers. The opportunity to have a conversation with someone who is impartial and knowledgeable is so valuable.

The National:

“Whatever a person’s results, there are options out there for everyone and I would encourage anyone with any concerns or uncertainty about future choices to contact the results helpline to speak with friendly, knowledgeable staff for advice about your next steps.”

Is it possible to appeal my grade?

The appeals service is available on the SQA website and is a free service you can use if you have concerns about a grade on your results certificate.

This year, if you make an appeal, a senior marker will carry out a marking review of your SQA results. This is not a remark. 

More information can be found HERE.