LIZ Truss is being rewarded for "gross failure", an SNP MP has said, after it was reported she nominated one person for an honour for every four days she served as prime minister. 

Fourteen people remain on the ex-PM’s resignation honours list, which is currently being vetted by the House of Lords appointments commission.

The Times reports that the list could have been longer but that at least two people turned down a nomination.

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One person told the newspaper they thought it would be “humiliating” to receive an honour from Truss, who was prime minister for just 49 days, while another said they didn’t deserve the nomination.

In total, Truss (below) nominated four people for life peerages and 12 for honours such as knighthoods, damehoods, OBEs, CBEs and MBEs.

According to previous reports, the nominated life peers include Conservative Party donor Sir Jon Moynihan and Matthew Elliott – who ran the Brexit campaign in 2016.

The National: Liz Truss said Vladimir Putin has been ‘significantly weakened’ (Ian Forsyth/PA)

Speaking to The National, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said: "This is yet a further example of disgraceful Tory patronage. 

"Not only does Truss get rewarded for gross failure but she is allowed to reward others. The whole system is corrupt and corrupting. 

"It should be scrapped and replaced with a proper civic awards process that rewards genuine public service. 

"That's what we could have in an independent Scotland."

The others are said to be Ruth Porter, Truss’s deputy chief of staff in No 10 and Mark Littlewood, the outgoing head of the Institute for Economic Affairs – a think tank that backed Truss’s disastrous mini-Budget.

It is understood that former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has not been included on the list.

One source also told the newspaper that the list was “very modest” and that it was customary for those departing No 10.

The news is likely to renew criticism of the honours system, which previously sparked debate over Boris Johnson's list of more than 40 awards. 

It is understood that Truss submitted her own list several months ago and that the names are still being vetted with the former PM’s office declining to offer any comment.

Those on the list have not been given any indication of how long it might take before a final decision is made.