TORY MP Lee Anderson labelled a landlord who disagreed with his stance on food poverty as a “p***k”.

The deputy chair of the Conservative Party (below) previously attracted criticism after saying meals could be cooked from scratch “for about 30 pence a day”.

He told the House of Commons that “generation after generation” of people are unable to budget or make meals properly.

The National: Lee Anderson

Speaking to Politico, the MP said he was “misquoted” as he hit out at criticism from a landlord about his comments.

Anderson was also left unhappy with comments made by landlord Ed Skinner, 47, who owns the Clock Inn in South Normanton.

He said that he was finding it difficult to “find any staff” and cited both the impact of Brexit and the pandemic as the reason for this.

Skinner added: “There’s talk of a huge amount of lazy work-shy British people but I don’t see it. A lot of the people that can are working. So where do you find more.”

Politico put it to Anderson that Skinner was "not a fan" of his and that he "instantly" brought up the MP’s comments about making meals for 30p.

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Anderson replied: “He’s a p***k.”

He then told the publication to go speak to another pub landlord – Indian-born Shinto Matthew – who previously ran unsuccessfully to be a Tory councillor.

Anderson added: “Talk to Matthew about food poverty. Go back to Indian and I’m sure people that come from India who have come here and made a success would say… no, the state don’t feed people in India – if you don’t work, you don’t eat.”