PRO-INDEPENDENCE march and rally organisers All Under One Banner (AUOB) have produced dual language leaflets for the upcoming Isle of Skye march.

The group has said it intends to print “thousands of double-sided flyers and posters” in English and Gaelic to be delivered and handed out by Yes Skye and Lochalsh as well as other Highlands and Islands groups in surrounding areas.

The materials contain details for the fourth march of the year, including the route.

The group said the campaign materials will also be “widely put to use in the central belt and beyond, giving the national demonstration for self-determination maximum of publicity over the coming weeks.”

Organisers of the march also responded to questions over meeting with Police Scotland concerning the Skye march route.

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AUOB – which has not held a march to Skye before – previously said on social media police had expressed concerns about the route over the bridge, and the force clarified they had not formally objected.

The current plan is for marchers to use the footpath to make the crossing.

Gordon McCrae, the named organiser for the Kyleakin demonstration, said he had “a number of conversations with the Police Liaison Officer (PLO) department” who cover the Isle of Skye. McCrae said he was told the Chief Inspector for the Highlands and Islands had raised some concerns over the procession.

He added: “Firstly, the safety of people walking over the bridge, with people possibly tripping up and stepping onto the road. We have agreed to keep this part of the procession to two abreast for the duration of traversing the Skye bridge footpath”.

The group said they have also asked for a temporary reduced speed limit to be put in place from 40mph to 20mph but have not yet had a response regarding this.

McCrae said another concern was the 12.30pm start time of the procession with Police asking if AUOB could bring this forward, as “tourists driving over the bridge may become distracted whilst passing the march”.

“I responded by saying that we don't see how bringing it forward to an earlier time would stop tourists from being distracted whilst driving, and that groups and individuals attending the demonstration have booked buses and other transport to arrive at the original time published and given the location and distance people are travelling it would be impossible for them to arrive earlier.

“The PLO department is going to speak with the Chief Inspector and get back to us soon.”