A SEAGULL was found with an arrow through its wing in a Scottish town last week.

Now, the Scottish SPCA are appealing for more information on the incident, after the bird was spotted on Friday, July 28.

The gull was seen in the vicinity of Bourtreehill Health Centre on Cheviot Way at around 7.30pm.

Despite the arrow through its wing, the charity say that the bird was still able to fly, therefore they could not catch it.

Now they are hoping to obtain more information on the incident, adding that it is a criminal offence to injure or kill birds like this.

A Scottish SPCA special investigations unit undercover inspector, said: “A member of the public alerted us to the seagull with an arrow through their wing.

“Unfortunately as the bird is still able to fly we haven't been unable to contain it.

"We are very concerned for the gull’s wellbeing and keen to prevent any further suffering or injury.

“Birds, including gulls, are protected by law and any attempt to injure or kill them is a criminal offence.

“If anyone spots the gull, or has any information on how the bird came to be injured in this way, they should call our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”