TORY MP Lee Anderson is once again facing ridicule as he said he was “learning to live” with his son becoming a vegetarian.

We previously told how the Conservative Party’s deputy chair described the “shocking” moment his son told him he was vegetarian.

While appearing on GB News with Dan Wootton, the MP was first asked about a story about gender-critical books in Calderdale Council being removed from shelves.

This conversation led Anderson to say the “left are too scared to debate” before it turned back to his son’s vegetarianism.

He said: “These are the people that are infiltrating every walk of life whether that be the civil service, even the police force, we’ve seen a lot of wokery in some of the police force.

“I don’t know where they come from. I don’t know where it started from but it’s frightening.

“These people pose a bigger risk to this country than anything we’ve seen. Forget Covid, forget the lockdowns – these people pose a real threat to our society and our way of life.”

Wootton then replied: “I know because they even made your poor son transition into being a vegetarian.”

The GB News host added “that must have been a disappointment as a father”.

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Anderson replied: “I’m glad you saw that clip. It went viral, I mean he was the first vegetarian ever in our family.

“I’ve learnt to live with it, I’ve adapted. I still love the boy. In fact I’m even having vegetarian feelings myself.”

Many took to Twitter to respond to Anderson’s comments with one saying: “It’s viral because everyone is laughing at how he has embarrassed himself AGAIN.”

Someone asked if Anderson had “permanently adopted parody” as they weren’t sure if somebody “could really be this ridiculous”.

A third Twitter user simply told Anderson to “grow up”.