SCOTTISH independence supporters have been invited to fly their Saltire flags for the Cycling Road Race World Championships on Sunday.

The event is one of 13 across 11 days this month, as tourists and cycling fans flock for this year’s UCI World Cycling Championships – which is due to kick off in Glasgow on Thursday. 

Indy campaigning organisation, Believe in Scotland, have now made a call for independence supporters to flock to the King’s Theatre on August 6 with Saltire flags.

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They also highlighted that it is a great opportunity to show support for independence given the event will be broadcast to possibly millions worldwide.

In a Facebook post, organisers wrote: “Come join us outside the King's Theatre in Glasgow on Sunday, 6th of August for the Cycling Road Race World Championships. Bring a Saltire or anything that can make you stand out as an Independence supporter!

"This is a major event, likely to be watched by hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) on TV across the world."

It comes after we reported that cycling fan Eric Anderson also wanted Scots to turn out with Saltire flags in a bid to show the country’s appreciation and love of cycling, as well as to mimic the scenes witnessed in the Basque Country during the recent Tour de France.

The National: Fans wave the flag of the Basque Country during the Tour de France

Basques turned out in their thousands to line the route of the race, many of them waving the distinctive red, green and white Ikurrina flag.

“It struck me while watching it just how proud people were to be Basque,” said Anderson.

“And it made me think that we’ve got this huge event coming to Scotland and we really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show that same kind of passion.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to highlight the beauty and friendship of our country on an international stage.

“When the men’s road race departs from Edinburgh on August 6, it’s a pity that the aerial footage will show the Union Flag flying on many of the capital’s most prominent buildings.

“But in the tradition of cycling road racing, it’s the fans along the way who capture the imagination.

“So, bring your Saltires along as you stand by the road, wave them passionately as you encourage the competitors, but most of all respect the riders, give them space and make these world championships the most memorable yet!”

Tickets for many of the events can be purchased on the UCI Cycling World Championships website.