The National:

A TORY MP has described the “shocking” moment his son told him he was a vegetarian.

Lee Anderson – who is also the deputy chair of the Conservative Party – was speaking on his GB News TV show, Real Talk.

He said: “In just a few months time, young men and young women from all over the country will be going to university, a place of learning. They’re going to have a good time, they’re going to work hard and hopefully get better careers.

“But in the meantime, in our universities there are a certain group of people who are trying to influence and indoctrinate our young people.”

Anderson is speaking from experience, apparently, as he went on to say the same thing happened to his son ten years ago when he went off to study at the University of Sheffield.

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He added: “I didn’t see him for months, he came back different. He had long hair, he had a beard. His clothes were different, a different attitude and outlook on life. I thought – ‘my goodness, Harry, what’s happened to you.’

“He sat down with me on the settee, he put his arm on my hand and he says: ‘Dad, I’ve been away for a few months now and I’ve come back and I’m not the Harry that went away all those months ago. I’m different now, I’m a different person.'”

Anderson then revealed that his son told him he was a vegetarian.

“Shocking, absolutely shocking. Let that be a warning to you,” he added.

People took to social media, unsure whether Anderson was serious or not.

SNP MP Chris Law tweeted in response: “‘He had long hair and a beard’…. Shocking. Well that’s my political career ended then.”

Journalist Ian Fraser asked: “Was #30pLee actually intending this as a joke??”

The Conservative MP was recently told off for using a parliamentary rooftop to film a promotion video for his GB News show. It was also recently revealed he will be paid £100,000 a year for just eight hours of work a week.

The broadcaster has been the centre of controversy over its relationship with the Tory party and how it may interact with impartiality rules.

GB News was also previously investigated by Ofcom after two senior Conservative MPs interviewed the chancellor before the spring budget on its channel.