THE SNP’s youth wing is set to hold a national assembly to discuss the First Minister's independence strategy.

All Young Scots for Independence (YSI) members are invited to attend the virtual assembly, which will take place on Saturday, August 19.

The group urges participation, which it says is “crucial to shaping the YSI's position on Scottish independence”.

The day will consist of four debates on:

  • Building support for Yes
  • Using the General Election as an alternative to a referendum
  • Negotiations to become independent
  • The first days of an independent Scotland

The final agenda and a speaker card form will be sent to the membership, all SNP members under 30, on August 12.

Members must register for the event beforehand; you can do so here.

The group recently campaigned alongside Humza Yousaf in Dundee as part of the Summer of Independence tour the leader is doing.

It has also just elected a new organiser, Osama Nadeem from the west of Scotland, and political education officer, Jakob Hass who resides in Ortenaukreis, Germany.

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Jakob Hass, who has been instrumental in international reach of the German SPD’s youth wing Jusos, told members he was “delighted” to be joining them on the journey to independence.

One member told The National: “We’re really excited about the future right now as we look forward to the General Election.

“Unfortunately, we had two resignations recently due to personal reasons, but were delighted to be inundated with applications. As such, we’ve got two fantastic young people who have just recently joined the YSI and are eager to get stuck in.

“With all that’s going on in politics right now, there’s never been a better time for young Scots to get involved!”

The group is also encouraging members to attend its own regional assembly this summer. Two have been announced so far, details can be found here.