THE SNP president has called out a Tory peer for his “dangerously stupid” stance on climate change.

Lord David Frost, who previously faced criticism from across the political spectrum for his comments on devolution, told the House of Lords that “rising temperatures are likely to be beneficial”.

It comes as wildfires continue to rage across Europe, with many holidaymakers forced to evacuate.

A clip surfaced online with Frost explaining what the potential consequences of climate change could be.

He said: “At the moment, seven times as many people die from cold as heat in Britain. Rising temperatures are likely to be beneficial.

“The Government Actuary Department no less wrote in April this year and I quote ‘it is the low winter temperatures that have a greater effect on the number of deaths’.”

He continued to say that rising temperatures were “perfectly manageable”.

SNP president Michael Russell (below) re-tweeted the clip with the caption: “Utter idiocy but also dangerously stupid in that he demonstrates not a smidgen of knowledge about what climate change actually is or what its life & planet changing effects already are, still less how they now appear to be accelerating."

The National:

He added: “And badly delivered idiocy too.”

Others also took to Twitter to criticise Frost, with one pointing out: “David Frost has another go at being completely wrong about something.”

Another asked how it was possible that the peer had even made it to the House of Lords, while another Twitter user said: “These are not thinking people.”

Frost’s comments come in the same week it was reported that the Tories would be re-thinking their climate targets.

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It was a move condemned by the Scottish Greens who said that the UK Government “could not be trusted” to deal with the effects of climate change.

However, Sunak insisted that it was still his plan to “make progress towards our net-zero ambitions”.