The National:

SEVERAL Tory MP’s have taken part in some Illegal Migration Bill ‘promotion’ which was given a Barbie makeover.

In a collection of bus advertisement boards, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, home secretary Suella Braverman, minister for immigration Robert Jenrick and others appeared in Barbie movie poster mock-ups with captions focusing on their government record as well as a few featuring their own comments relating to migration and asylum seekers.

Advocacy group Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, posted the series on Twitter, wished followers “Happy Barbie Day” and hinted that "someone" had been doing alternative promotion.

The stunt comes as the United Nations issued an extraordinary statement condemning the UK Government for being “in breach of international law” with the newly passed Bill.

The Prime Minister’s tagline said: “Rishi Sunak has presided over the most forceful pushback of the human rights of migrants and asylum seekers in modern British history.”

Braverman’s said: “Suella Braverman told reporters it is her ‘obsession’ and ‘dream’ to deport the most vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers to their deaths. F*ck her”.

Jacob Rees-Mogg made an appearance described as enjoying “cosplaying as a 1930s era aristocrat, boasting of his pride for Britian’s colonial past, defending concentration camps and shouting racist slurs in The Commons. And so much more…”.

The minister for immigration’s ad said: “Robert Jenrick thinks that ‘migration threatens to cannibalise the compassion of the British public’, while simultaneously painting over kids’ murals in detention centres. U Ok hun?”.

Lee Anderson was described as a class traitor, with the caption adding: “From a working-class background, Lee is now fanning the flames of fascism for an ego boost.”

And last but not least, “this Barbie is gagging to deport your grandma” Priti Patel’s caption said: “Priti Patel orchestrated the Rwanda scheme despite admitting that her own parents might not have been allowed into UK under her immigration laws”.

One Twitter user posted one of the ads revealing it to be in Lewisham, so The Jouker assumes the rest are in and around London.

Other users described the adverts as “absolutely incredible”, with one commenting they were “getting a bit Barbied-out till I saw this” and another offering “whoever thought of this, let me buy you a drink”.

Let’s be honest, the creativity for this is fantastic.