A RETIRED professor has claimed he has been "banned from Reddit" after sharing posts from his pro-Scotland blog.

John Robertson, who worked in the University of the West of Scotland’s cultural industries school until 2016, runs the Talking-Up Scotland blog which focuses on perceived media bias.

He has claimed in his latest post that he had been banned from the social media site without explanation.

Reddit clarified to The National that Robertson has not been banned from the website altogether, just the subreddit r/Scotland by the moderators of that community. 

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Robertson – who stressed he had never been thrown off a social media site before – said he can see no way to challenge the move but has encouraged his followers to ask why it has happened.

He claimed the ban followed him posting a picture (below) showing a satirical "BBC" headline he had written about Nicola Sturgeon.

The National:

On his blog he posted: “I’ve never been even reprimanded mildly, far less banned, by Twitter, Facebook or WordPress but, today, I’ve been banned from Reddit.

“I’ve been reposting the same content from my blog on r/Scotland, as Carridon90 (no one on Reddit used their real name) for a few weeks now much to the annoyance of some, who have sworn at me, called me a ghoul, suggested I have mental health problems and called for the moderator to pull me. I do not remember ever being abusive.

“Anyhow, I’ve been banned and my four bairns are now proud of me.

“I can see no way to challenge the ban but perhaps a few of your could go on https://www.reddit.com/r/Scotland/submit and ask why Carridon90 has been banned?"

Robertson said he is awaiting clarification from Reddit about why he has been removed from the site.

Reddit declined to comment beyond clarifying that Robertson has not been banned from the main site, just the subreddit r/Scotland.