TORY MP Lee Anderson has said that RMT general secretary Mick Lynch is a “creature” who wants to “bring the Government down”.

In an interview with Dan Wootton, Anderson was asked about a warning that routine care in the NHS in England will be “virtually at a standstill” as it faces another two days of strikes, according to the national medical director of NHS England.

Consultant doctors and hospital-based dentists are to walk out for 48 hours from 7am on Thursday until 7am on Saturday.  

Wootton put it to Anderson that the strikes are “politically motivated” and pointed out that Lynch (below) has said he will appear on the picket line.

The National: RMT leader Mick Lynch has said he has not met a Government minister since January (Jonathan Brady/PA)

He replied: “They are motivated politically Dan. You look at some of these consultants on six figures like you say, a lot of money.

“And they’re going on strike, they’re going to affect the NHS, people literally dying for operations but I bet these consultants aren’t striking on their private work, they’ll still be lapping that up.”

He then added that “this creature Mick Lynch” is “lapping up” strike action and compared him to trade unionist Arthur Scargill who served as president of the National Union of Mineworkers from 1982 to 2002.

Anderson continued: “He’s seen an opportunity, he’s sneaked in. He hasn’t got this country’s best interests at heart.

“He’s playing the game; he wants to be the person that brings the Government down. I think some of the other unions look at him as some messiah-like figure.

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“They don’t believe in democracy, they don’t believe in fairness, they don’t believe in this country. All it’s trying to do is bring the Government down by anti-democratic means. He should be ashamed of himself.”

He then added that he would “like to have 10 minutes” with Lynch which was met with laughter from Wootton who said the pair “would have a chat”.