JANEY Godley has put out a call to help support small businesses, arts and craft shops and freelance artists on her Twitter.

The comedian, who has over 290,000 followers on her account, put the call out on Sunday morning and has since re-tweeted numerous businesses to help give them a bit of free promotion.

One person she is also helping is Scots singer Iona Fyfe, with Godley stating she wants to help given the online abuse that the artist has faced over the past couple of weeks.

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Speaking to The National, Fyfe explained: “Being a freelancer, Covid was horrible. I’ve only got back to work properly now after having had big surgery in December.

“It put me on crutches from December till March. I got very little help from the UK Government and being a freelancer it was all a bit of a mess.”

As such, Fyfe recently put out a link to her Ko-fi account – a means by which artists can monetise access to exclusive content.

“It’s something most artistic people do. With streaming, I’m not making money like I do selling CDs at gigs and the industry has got hard”, she explained.

Fyfe continued: “When Taylor Swift announced tickets, I got the pre-sale code and bought tickets for the three nights in Edinburgh because she is my absolute idol.

“I put it on an Amex which I made really clear and all of a sudden there is abuse coming in from everywhere saying I’m greedy, snapping up all the tickets for myself.

“Someone tweeted, ‘can I please be added to the group chat’ which suggests there is a group chat full of trolls where they share my posts.”

She continued: “Immediately when I post something now, within an hour, they’ve created a meme or done something.

“I put a picture of me up at a swimming pool and within an hour one of the trolls had posted a picture of a whale.

“I believe there is a systematic targeted thing where as soon as I post they create and incite a pile-on.”

On her Twitter account earlier today, Godley (below) put out a link to Fyfe’s Ko-fi and the singer said it was nice to “feel supported”.

The National:

Godley tweeted: “We’ve been sharing and supporting @ionafyfe lifting her up from online hatred – along with supporting creators – if you can donate a few quid trust me it will burn a hole in the heart of some right win haters.”

A separate tweet added: “Every single penny donated will annoy the angry men that spend HOURS trolling her.”

In response to Godley’s support, Fyfe said: “I think it’s really kind and generous. Janey’s been promoting a lot on her account and I think she knows how these trolls work.

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“I think she maybe donated herself which is so nice. It’s great that other women are lifting other people up. Nobody is competing because we’re all doing different things.

“We’ve all said stuff that we don’t mean but Janey has been doing this for a couple of years and she’s supported others as well so it’s sweet to be giving others a platform.”