GEORGE Osborne’s wedding to his former aide Thea Rogers has not been in want of controversy.

As well as a protester throwing orange confetti over the couple, prior to the ceremony all guests and several prominent journalists were sent a “poison pen” letter which made various claims about Osborne’s personal life.

In some instances, however, the sender of the letter would have had no need to distinguish between the two groups, as many of the country’s most high-profile journalists were already invited to the celebration.

But who are they and why exactly were they invited to the wedding of a former Conservative chancellor?

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Why would a journalist be at a former chancellor’s wedding?

Before becoming a special advisor to Osborne, Rogers worked as a producer for the BBC’s political editor and as a senior producer on Newsnight.

As such, the Oxford graduate appears to have fostered close friendships with numerous current and former journalists at the BBC.

Since leaving politics in 2016, Osborne has also dipped his toe into the world of journalism after becoming editor of the Evening Standard in 2017 (despite many pointing out his lack of experience in the field).

The National: Former Sky News political editor Adam Boulton arrives at the wedding of George Osborne and Thea Rogers Former Sky News political editor Adam Boulton arrives at the wedding of George Osborne and Thea Rogers (Image: Stefan Rousseau)

In 2020, Osborne left his role as editor to become editor-in-chief at the paper.

His former role was filled by Emily Sheffield, the former deputy editor of British Vogue and sister-in-law of David Cameron.

Osborne stopped working for the Evening Standard in 2021 to take up a role at investment banker Robey Warshaw.

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So, which journalists were there?

Nick Robinson, who served as the BBC’s political editor for 10 years and currently hosts the Today Programme, was in attendance.

As were News Agents hosts and ex-BBC stalwarts Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel.

Indeed, Sopel is believed to have made a short speech at the wedding wishing the couple well.

Times Radio presenter Mariella Frostrup was also a guest, as was the former Sky News political editor Adam Boulton.

Have any of them defended their attendance?

Many are curious whether Maitlis or Sopel will broach the subject in Monday’s episode of the News Agents podcast.

However, Sopel has already responded to a tweet which was critical of his attendance at the architect of austerity’s wedding.

Twitter user Michael Anderson said: “Oh dear, oh dear.

“In their eagerness to…‘mingle’ @maitlis, @jonsopel and @bbcnickrobinson seem to have forgotten their colleague Jeremy Paxman’s words about the proper relationship of a journalist to a politician – ‘that of a dog to a lamppost’.

Sopel responded to the tweet – although it was only to correct the attribution of the quote.

He said: “HL Mencken actually”.