The National:

THREADS has rocketed in popularity as the newest social media platform – and Mhairi Black has joined in on the fun.

Black, who has recently announced her intention to stand down as an MP at the next election, revived a tweet from 2010 for her Threads debut.

The retro tweet, written when the MP was 15, simply stated: “Maths is sh*te.”

The National:

Black’s first thread gave an update: “Maths is still sh*te.”

Followers were quick to recognise the throwback even creating memes out of the now iconic phrase.

The National:

Black has since posted, questioning if the internet is “healing” since she has received trolling from only her own brother and best pal.

She wrote: "Less than 24h on this platform and the only abuse I’ve had is from my brother and best pal. Is … is the internet … healing?!"

The Jouker isn’t too keen on joining the platform, but he has heard The National is having some fun over there if you want to check their profile out …