A TORY minister had to be told off by Fiona Bruce after making a series of false statements on Question Time. 

Johnny Mercer repeatedly clashed with Labour frontbencher Bridget Phillipson, and wrongly suggested the Labour Party was funded by climate group Just Stop Oil. 

During the exchange, Mercer asked Philipson: “You’re funded by Just Stop Oil, right? Which you’re not gonna give back.”

Philipson replied: “What are you talking about? That is categorically untrue.”

Mercer then argued that Dale Vance, who was there as one of the other panellists, donated to Just Stop Oil and some Labour politicians, including leader Keir Starmer.

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Vance is an eco-industrialist and has donated to the activist group, but is not a member. 

“Facts matter,” Bruce interjected, as she pointed out this was not the same as Just Stop Oil funding the Labour Party.

“Would you like to set the record straight now, Johnny,” asked Phillipson.

The Veterans Minister was also slammed after suggesting that the minimum wage was brought in by this Tory government.

Bruce corrected him: "Labour brought in the minimum wage."

One Twitter user commented: "Another shameless Tory lie from Johnny Mercer."

An audience member also condemned the Tory MP for his bizarre performance. 

During a debate about whether social media was a good way to discuss politics, he accused social media users of “collective bed-wetting” after he faced criticism for suggesting that food bank use was a choice.

This led to one audience member shutting him down at the end of the show, saying: “Given that members of the Conservatives and the Conservative Party have shut down any form of meaningful protest, and he’s shouted across every member of this panel tonight – how else are we meant to get our point across other than social media?”